Fall 2022 Events

Bridges Cafe: Tuesdays Nights 7:30-9

Bridges Cafe is our regular connection night filled with good snacks, fun games, making new friends, and learning about some of the big questions of life. Come on by to 1120 5th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 to join us! Starts September 6th

Bridges Vision Conference – December 28th – January 1st

Vision22 is a conference specially designed for international and American students to grow personally, experience a unique global community, and explore who God is. Join us and explore the wonderful city of Denver and make tons of new friends.  Touring opportunities include snow tubing, checking out the tallest mountain around, or exploring Garden of the Gods.  Check out the video below or the website to learn more.

Cost $400 for 4 nights and meals included

For scholarship info email spencer.grow@bridgesinternational.com

Bridges Family Group: Friday Nights 5-7 pm

Bridges Family Group is a smaller community where we gather to share a meal, get to know each other in a deeper way and explore the Bible together. All faith backgrounds welcome! Hosted by Abe Kim – 711 4th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

To find out about even more fun events check out our instagram page below!

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